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Hope you love reading Tequila Road as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Bienvenidos (Welcome) to Mexico!
You are entering Tequila Road. Caution is advised.
 A power revered around the world, with a fortune surpassed by few, ends for John Madison, the victim of a deadly car bomb in Dubai. 
Poppy Duprey, his young mistress, is returned against her will to Mexico unaware that the dangerous landing in her homeland is just the beginning of the dark decent of her life.
When her mother reveals a shattering secret, for which there is no escape, Poppy seals her own fate with a frightening  promise that propels her on a dangerous odyssey, challenging her physical and mental endurance and, at the defining moment of her life, brings her face to face with the very timbre of her soul.

Tequila Road captures the real danger and tropical splendor of the Mexican Riviera. This romantic thriller uncoils like a boa constrictor. The psychopathic, Mensajeros del Sur Mexican Cartel and the sultry and sexy Mexican Riviera share these pages with Beverly Hills, Malibu, Paris and the Middle East. 
Get ready for chilling twists and turns that grab you right to the last page!

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